I see my paintings as experiments; explorations into how colours and forms can create the feeling of light, depth, layering and movement. The concepts for my work come from my interest in Op Art, Geometric Patterns and Colour Theory. Ideas and curiosities that arise from my previous paintings also inspire my practice.


I design the composition for my work using drawing software. Having studied Graphic Design at University using software is a natural and accurate way to achieve and refine my ideas. I then meticulously draw my design onto the canvas.


My practice is very systematic. I premix and refine all my paint colours; this allows me the opportunity to study how the colours work together before painting. I achieve the crisp, precise edges - which are crucial to my style of work - by careful masking with tape. The finish needs to be as flawless as possible to prevent distraction from the composition and colours.


I like my paintings to be intriguing and disconcerting, encouraging the viewer to pause to decipher them.

ARTISTs biography


Victoria Mardon is an emerging abstract artist living and working in Exeter, Devon. Using acrylic on canvas, she creates precise and complex chromatic, hard-edged, geometrical paintings.


Mardon studied Graphic Design at Bath Spa University and graduated in 2000. Although never following a career in Graphic Design, the experience shaped her style of painting.

Op Art, Minimalism, Colour Field Painting and Colour Theory are strong influences in Mardon's practice. Together with artists Bridget Riley, Josef Albers, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Anni Albers and Sarah Morris.


Her work was recently selected to exhibit in the Evolver group exhibition at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton, and the Abstraction Here and Now group exhibition at the Awesome Art Space, Exeter. She also had paintings shortlisted for the Jacksons Painting Prize and selected for the RWA Open Exhibition.